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Slide Pollution from Industries By 2030, the worst climate change effects will be irreversible. Download “Climate Change Explained – for one and all” for free to learn about climate change and sustainable solutions. Download E-Book

Slide Why Now? The global warming that’s changing our climate is already having dire consequences: rising temperatures, melting glaciers, raising sea levels, rapid forest fires. We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet, Only 10 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change. 8 million By 2050 plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean entirely. That’s not really surprising, considering that at least 8 million metric tons (8,818,490 US tons) of plastic enter the oceans each year, according to the new study. 11 billion By the end of the century, we could add almost 4 billion more. Eleven billion people would exacerbate the harm brought by every other problem–migration, extreme weather events, diseases, lack of water. We must act now. 37% Food systems contribute 21% to 37% of global greenhouse gases. Perhaps the biggest problem: livestock. They use a third of global cropland and contribute 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Slide Climate Warriors Meet my fellow change-makers, who are doing colossal work in different landscapes to save nature and are helping in taking this book to a wider audience. Spiti Ecosphere Learn more Healing Himalayas Learn More Beach Please India Learn More Global Impact Network Learn More Together we can do more! ₹18,365 of our ₹300,000 target has been raised. For last years I’ve been advocating sustainable change to combat the climate crisis. I’ve spent these years learning about my ecosystem and human activities’ impact on it. In this span of 7 years, I worked on several projects such as creating climate art installations “I Love Spiti – 2017”, “World’s First Marine Cemetery – 2019”, “World’s First Single-Use Plastic Death-Bed – 2020” and many other projects. If you believe my actions are in the right direction and you’d like to support my upcoming project, you fund me here. Donate Now

Slide ‘Climate Change Explained’ written by Aakash gives us a simple explanation on the problems and a call for action. There is a clarity in his writing that helps us shift our mindset to commit to help our planet heal. After reading the book our road map towards a sustainable lifestyle could start with a simple pledge to take on one action at a time, keeping some of the sustainable development goals in focus. Vani murthi Founding Member, SWMRT Slide I’ve known Aakash Ranison since we worked together on the “I Love Spiti” project to create awareness and alternatives to plastic bottled water in the Spiti Valley. The Sustainably Ebook is a product of the passion that Aakash brings to everything he does – sustainably of course! Read it, and let it compel you to rethink how your choices affect this planet we call home.
Shivya Nath Traveller & Author
Slide Climate change is a crisis on our heads not well understood by most and Aakash’s book does that job so well. The easy-to-understand language along with examples, topic’s seamless flow from one to another makes the science easy for everyone and the beautiful illustrations keep readers engaged. I would recommend this book to people of all ages to bring a new overview of people’s ideology towards climate change. Ridhima Pandey Climate Activist Slide The spectacular but fragile Himalayas are at the frontlines of climate change. Inadequate snowfall and retreating glaciers have made the communities especially in the high altitudes of Spiti extremely vulnerable. We no longer can ignore human activities’ impact on nature, we must make sustainable changes in our lifestyle. Aakash’s book “Climate Change Explained for one and all” will help everyone understand humans’ and nature relation better and help live in harmony with it. Ishita Khanna Founder, Spiti Ecosphere
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Slide We made it “If you want to go far, go together”. I couldn’t have made it this far alone, thank you to my partners for believing in my passion and invest themselves in the cause. Become an Ally

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